Projects: Residential

Runda Compound

This modern minimalistic style compound in Runda features three unique homes. The concrete finish of the walls and ceilings are accented by a combination of Elgon Teak wood and steel. An infinity pool between the homes overlooks the Karura forest and the Runda spring fed stream.

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Hardy Home

This 5 bedroom home in Karen Hardy sits on a small dam within an indigenous forest. The interior floors are mahogany boards in the rooms, with granito tile used in the hallways and kitchen. Each bathroom is finished with travertine stone.

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Karen Housing Development

On this beautiful Karen property nine new houses and a clubhouse were built, with an existing house receiving a full remodel. Each house is 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bath, with mahogany floors, parking garage, modern kitchen, laundry room, and attic storage. The compound features a new perimeter with complete security, playground, recreational building for […]

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Mission Housing and Covered Sports Court

These four buildings were started and completed within seven months, an unusually short timeline for standard house construction in Kenya. The buildings were designed to Scandinavian architecture, with high ceilings and open spaces. Natural colors and elements were chosen for the finishing. Each floor varies between Nehro finished concrete and Bamboo planking.

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Karen Home

This award-winning home in Karen has features new to Kenya, including seven double-barrel domes, Portuguese limestone arches and fountains, and a variety of custom ceilings using large scale wooden beams. Each room is unique in design and finishing, carefully executed to the highest standard. The home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three living areas, two […]

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Karen Pool House and Garage

This pool house and garage are an addition to a Karen home. They feature parking bays for four large size cars, four guest rooms, two living areas, a gymnasium, two bathrooms, water storage for sixty thousand litres, and a pool with an automatic pool cover. The garage doors are built from old railway ties, and […]

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Kabete Apartments

This three story apartment features four modern apartments. Each apartment has it’s own custom mahogany kitchen, laundry area, en-suite bathrooms, and living area. Built into the hillside, these apartments incorporate modern concrete and stone finishes.

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Gilgil Country Home

This home in Gilgil is situated on a lush hillside, with views of Lake Naivasha on a clear day. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large patio area with a heated pool. The house features natural stone and wood finishes, with a colorful paint theme. The living room features a beamed ceiling, a […]

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Naivasha House

This beautiful home sits in the hills near Malu, with a view over the tree line providing the ideal spot for bird watching. Follow this link to rent the house on Airbnb.

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Gilgil Private Bridge and Cottage

Situated in the Gilgil countryside, this 3 bedroom 2 bath cottage and bridge belong to a private residence on a hilly property. The bridge was built to provide passageway across a small ravine running the length of the land. The cottage provides access for people with disabilities, with railings throughout all passageways and sliding doors […]

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