Why Choose Us

Choosing a company to manage your construction project can be a difficult task. Finding one that can meet your many requirements is never easy. Perhaps you want a building contractor who will understand your vision. You want a contractor who you can trust to deliver, and to deliver on budget! You want a contractor who will be easy to communicate with and who will provide excellent service. You want a contractor who pays its employees fairly and makes sure they are safe on-site. You want a company that will make the construction process as stress-free as possible. As you move forward in this decision, please consider Douglas Projects Ltd for your building needs.

Why Choose Us

At Douglas Projects we understand that we are providing a complex service, but that for you as the customer the process should be simple and hassle-free. We understand well the challenges that come with building in Kenya and the greater East Africa region, and it is our goal to ensure that the construction experience for you–our client–is as enjoyable, rewarding, and stress-free as possible.

We provide Building ConstructionElectrical & Lighting Installation, and Plumbing & Drainage Installation. By bringing all of these fields under one roof we can ensure efficiency in the construction process and guarantee the quality of the end product.

For clients who want to start with us from the beginning we offer Architectural Services. We will do our best to turn your vision into a set of building plans you are happy with. Included in this service is securing your plan approvals from city council and the affidavit for the commencement of work on-site.

To see the company’s history and team, please see the About Us page.


Below are the three primary principles practiced at Douglas Projects which we believe set us apart as a construction company in East Africa and which we hope will provide you confidence in your decision to work with us.


We believe in business built on integrity. This belief is born from an understanding of the significance of daily practicing integrity in our personal lives as the key to living well. We therefore choose to center our business around this core principle, in intentional contrast to the culture of corruption still dominant in this region of the world. We therefore only hire employees who also believe in the importance of integrity and practice it themselves.

We deal honestly at all levels and offer complete transparency throughout the course of construction.

We have a zero-tolerance policy with our employees and sub-contractors regarding any form of dishonesty or corruption. You’ll find us functioning with the highest integrity regarding contractor fees, material price & procurement, efficient use of labor, project schedule, and government dealings.

Quality Construction

We deliver the highest standards in construction. We use modern technology and our experience with Western standards to guarantee the finished product is of the highest caliber.


Our building experience in the US and Canada provides an expertise in functionality and aesthetics that is uncommon in East Africa and is the primary factor that ensures your design reaches full potential.