Our Values

Our Values

Douglas Projects was founded on the core values of integrityhard-work, and high construction quality.

Practically speaking, integrity in our work translates into a steadfast honesty and straightforwardness with our clients by providing transparency throughout the course of the pre-, mid-, and post-construction process.

Hard-work means that our team has learned the virtue of a hard days work. We are committed to completing our work efficiently, and therefore as effectively as possible through our dedication to the task at hand. The elimination of mistakes allows us to do the work once only instead of two, or even three times.

Quality construction means providing the highest quality product and service to our clients. This begins with thorough and competent planning and ends with precise coordination and execution of the many details that fit together to create the finished facility.

Additional principles that we value highly as a company are fairness, personal responsibility, and teamwork. Fairness means rewarding our employees for their hard work and making sure that there needs are taken care of. Personal responsibility means taking ownership of one’s work, mistakes that have been made, and adequately fixing any problems that arise. Teamwork means that we strive to work as a unit to improve work efficiency and the delivery of quality on our projects.

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