Company Profile

Douglas Projects Limited is a Nairobi-based general contractor for single and multi-story buildings. It is authorized by the National Construction Authority of Kenya for Building Works and Plumbing & Drainage Installation. The application and approval for complete Electrical Installation is in progress.


Our Mission Statement

The aim of Douglas Projects Ltd is to actively take part in the positive development of Kenya and East Africa by operating with the highest integrity regarding its clients, partners, employees, and local communities as it provides residential and commercial construction services commensurate with western quality standards and specifications.

Its founders and operators seek to treat every employee with respect, offering fair wages and on-the-job training as they are daily asked to do higher quality work than they have previously done. Empowering Kenyan nationals with the skills, knowledge, and methods to be among the best in the industry at their specific trade or craft is a priority and of the utmost importance to Douglas Projects. In partnership together, we are building today a better Kenya for tomorrow.