About Us

Douglas Projects Limited is a Nairobi-based general contractor for single and multi-story buildings. It is authorized by the National Construction Authority of Kenya for Building Works and Plumbing & Drainage Installation. The application and approval for complete Electrical Installation is in progress.


Our Mission Statement

The aim of Douglas Projects Ltd is to actively take part in the positive development of Kenya and East Africa by operating with the highest integrity regarding its clients, partners, employees, and local communities as it provides residential and commercial construction services commensurate with western quality standards and specifications.

Its founders and operators seek to treat every employee with respect, offering fair wages and on-the-job training as they are daily asked to do higher quality work than they have previously done. Empowering Kenyan nationals with the skills, knowledge, and methods to be among the best in the industry at their specific trade or craft is a priority and of the utmost importance to Douglas Projects. In partnership together, we are building today a better Kenya for tomorrow.


Our History

Douglas Projects was founded in 2010 by father and son Terry and Isaac Jones. The company was built on the vision of constructing a better Kenya and East Africa by incorporating within its business model a set of key values. These core values of integrity, hard-work, and high-quality construction are the cornerstones of Douglas Projects.

In the early part of 2013 Isaac recruited university classmate and friend Steven Johndreau to join the company and partner with him in it’s development.

Since conception the company has undertaken a number of residential and commercial projects in various parts of Kenya. While to date the company has focused primarily on residential construction, it hopes to take on a greater number of commercial projects and residential developments in the near future.


Our Team

Each member of Douglas Projects brings to the team a different set of skills and strengths that combine to inform the current construction management strategy, the planning of future projects, and the trajectory of the company toward its short- and long-term goals.

Isaac JonesGeneral Manager

Isaac Jones has lived in Kenya for the majority of his life and received his primary and secondary education at Rosslyn Academy in Gigiri, Nairobi. He finished his undergraduate education at the University of Oxford and Azusa Pacific University in England and the United States respectively. His work experience includes multiple housing construction projects in California, as well as structural engineering in the construction of petroleum extraction plants in Northern Canada.

Terry JonesTechnical Director

Originally of Canadian descent, Terry Jones owned and operated a construction company during the 80’s and 90’s in the Beverly Hills area in the state of California. The company focused on high-end custom building and remodeling for wealthy American clientele.

In 1994, Terry Jones left the United States to work as an aviation pilot and manager of missionary organizations in East Africa. The presence of unreliable local contractors in the region paired with the high demand for Western-quality construction meant Terry was often asked by expatriates living in Kenya to step in and oversee their projects. Over time a crew of honest and hard-working Kenyans was developed and mentored to provide the highest quality in Kenyan construction.

Steven JohndreauProjects Manager

Steven Johndreau completed his undergraduate education at the University of Oxford and Azusa Pacific University in England and the United States respectively. Steven grew up within the construction industry, his father owning and operating Stellar Renovations (formerly Stellar Construction) in Northern California for the last thirty years. Steven’s work experience includes the execution and completion of numerous residential construction projects throughout the greater Sacramento area of Northern California, as well as the design and construction of outdoor high-ropes course elements at camps in the region near Yosemite National Park, CA.

James Kamau Project Supervisor

James Kamau brings to the team over 30-plus years of construction experience in Kenya. He began training as a masonry fundi in 1981, progressed over time to tile foreman of major flooring projects, and over the last decade and a half has overseen as foreman dozens of projects in Kenya. He is directly responsible for every day operations on the site of ongoing projects.

Garland Kimiti – Technical Director

Garland Kimiti is a Nairobi-based architect with 20-plus years of industry experience. He received his architectural degree from the University of Nairobi and is a registered architect in Kenya.


Our Values

Douglas Projects was founded on the core values of integrity, hard-work, and high construction quality.

Practically speaking, integrity in our work translates into a steadfast honesty and straightforwardness with our clients by providing transparency throughout the course of the pre-, mid-, and post-construction process.

Hard-work means that our team has learned the virtue of a hard days work. We are committed to completing our work efficiently, and therefore as effectively as possible through our dedication to the task at hand. The elimination of mistakes allows us to do the work once only instead of two, or even three times.

Quality construction means providing the highest quality product and service to our clients. This begins with thorough and competent planning and ends with precise coordination and execution of the many details that fit together to create the finished facility.

Additional principles that we value highly as a company are fairness, personal responsibility, and teamwork. Fairness means rewarding our employees for their hard work and making sure that there needs are taken care of. Personal responsibility means taking ownership of one’s work, mistakes that have been made, and adequately fixing any problems that arise. Teamwork means that we strive to work as a unit to improve work efficiency and the delivery of quality on our projects.

To read more about what sets us apart from other contractors, please continue to the Why Choose Us page.


Health & Safety

Douglas Projects is committed to the highest safety standards and practices in Kenya. These safety practices include the requirement of all on-site staff to wear hardhats and work boots. Safety glasses are also made available and are a requirement during certain high-risk activities.

Safe and tested scaffolding are also provided on-site for tasks above the ground floor level.

The training of all permanent employees in First Aid & CPR is in progress. First Aid kits are provided on-site and are available in every company vehicle.

Our company has year-round insurance to cover all on-site employees and staff in the event of injury.


Community Involvement

Douglas Projects is committed to giving back to the community in Kenya. Early profits were dedicated entirely to helping fund an orphanage in the Kisumu area, which the company continues to support.